EUROPAN 13 - The Adaptable City 2 - Gera

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title: Colonization of city center Gera

proposal: Seemann-Torras Architektur 

co-workers: Architetto Vincenza La Rocca


procedure: open, open-stage call for ideas

topic: urban planing, landscape architecture 

organiser: Europan 13

area: 2,5ha


The large buildings like the Gera arcades, the KuK or massive precast buildings are opposed to a new architecture design that divides the district at the Breitscheidstraße into small plots.

At these plots different design elements and using structures shall be combined in the future. The setting of a new lighting system guides people from the shopping street Die Sorge into the new quarter.

Since the city of Gera has a limited budget for investing into the urban development, the concept of the project Colonization of the city center is based on the possibility to develop the quarter in sections. In order to initiate a strategy for a revitalizing of the site that is accompanied and supported step-by-step by the population, it is planned to develop the plot in several construction phases. 

The project just shows a first step of development, not a completely finished version. In the beginning the area is marked by a few architectural structures, which serve as an orientation to create the area in a new way. A hotel with commercial spaces on the ground floor, a youth center with an adjacent sports and skate park and a residential complex with private gardens will be introduced right away. These basic architecture are connected by a footpath with a new lighting system. In the first phase temporary uses supplement the basic architecture and offer the possibility of a low-cost upgrade of the entire area. Micro architecture such as container garages, private gardens, playgrounds, a reading/ theater stage and a beer garden complete the proposal.


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