Refurbishment Chruch in Berlin-Rosenthal


Seemann-Torras Architektur +  Der Laden



Refurbishment of a listed building


Work of Seemann-Torras Architektur:

Design, execution drawings, construction supervision






Ev. Kirchengemeinde Rosenthal-Wilhelmsruh



Manfred Sommerfeld

In the historic center of Rosenthal is located the village church, which was built around 1230 and is the oldest remaining building in Rosenthal.

A transept with apse and flanking towers made of yellow bricks replaced the choir in 1888.


In recent decades, the still existing historic painting inside was painted over and the church received a more sober decor.


In cooperation with the conservation authority and restorers a new concept for the inner space was developed which is based on the still partially preserved color version of 1880/81.


The transverse and long ship received according to findings a monochrome wall. The apse, windows and the upper part of the wall are emphasized. 


The former figurative and ornamental apse were realized in a simplified, abstract representation.


The work was carried out by restorers in the craft.


Furthermore, the furniture of the church hall was renovated and the electrical installation in the church completely renewed.

Interior after the refurbishment


Pictures during the construction process





State of the church before the refurbishment